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Here I go again…

I am a bad blogger.  Really.  I’ll start a blog, and not be able to keep updating it.  And when I feel like blogging again, instead of going back to my … Continue reading

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in loving memory

Never did I think that the passing of someone I’d never met would hit me the way the passing of Robin Williams hit me.  I debated whether or not to … Continue reading

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a soundtrack to my life (August 1-15 2014)

Getting around to this halfway into the month instead of at the end of the month.  Getting the hang of my summer, which has turned really interesting, music wise.  Every … Continue reading

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the world in a cup

I’m obsessed with spaghetti. If there is one food in the world that has received my undying love and devotion, spaghetti would be it. When you were younger, did you know a kid that ate the same thing everyday for years? I was that kid! And spaghetti was my thing. It was my thing from the 3rd grade until my freshman year at uni.

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my city. my new york. the loeb boathouse.

There is something to be said about old favourites, oldies but goodies, the classics.  They’re well-remembered and are still around for a reason.  That’s exactly what The Lakeside Restaurant at … Continue reading

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my city. my new york. gramercy tavern.

Writing this piece has reminded me of why I should not–actually perhaps the best word to use is never–become a professional food writer.  After having reviewed what few decent photos … Continue reading

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a soundtrack to july 2014

Summers are hard to document in ways other than pictures.  And I realised that when you have list of songs this long, it starts to look like it has no … Continue reading

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writing by candlelight

Another sixteen days have passed.  Again the hiatus was unexpected.  Sometimes circumstances just throw you off. — Growing up in the Philippines means growing up with blackouts.  Through the decades … Continue reading

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my city. my new york. charlie bird.

New York city is not lacking in restaurants or people with restaurant recommendations, which is probably why many turn to Yelp, reviews done by The New York Times, and other … Continue reading

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Y Combinator Startup School NYC

I’m sitting in San Francisco International, at one of the business centres.  I am looking around my office-for-the-day and I can’t help but laugh at our (my partners and I) … Continue reading

July 9, 2014 · Leave a comment

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