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Three days ago, I started my road trip, making my way—and eating my way—through the north of Spain. My first stop was Oviedo. Tonight is my last night in this quaint little town, and I’m going through the photos I’ve taken. So far, my favourite photos are of the flea market!

On Sunday, a flea market opened along the streets near the church of Oviedo, and getting the chance to walk through the stalls, go through the quirky items, see some of the antique home decor, and talk to the vendors just added to the quaintness of the town!

Accordion music, provided by a cheerful busker, added to the atmosphere.

Candy coloured flats caught my eye, as well as the pre-loved gaming consoles I remembered having as a child. Both were interesting finds, but it was the old fashioned traveling bag I found that really got my attention. It contained a used up lighter and a packet of pepper, remnants of its previous owner, and reminding me of a blog post on vintage bags by Britt of a physical perspective.

Unfortunately, the bag was a bit pricey, but the red hat below was not only perfect but also exactly what I need to combat the Spanish sun as I continue my trip!

Tomorrow, it’s off to Bilbao!


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