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when was the last time you had jewellery made?

One of the great things about being friends with designers is that you get a friendly discount. This, of course–and unfortunately–encourages me to to spend more than I normally would.

Apart from buying the products themselves, I have a habit of getting things custom-made. I think this is something I learned from my mother, who to this day, would rather visit a couturier and have him/her make her clothes than go shopping in a mall or at boutiques. My mother also has a habit of having jewellery made. She has always preferred buying loose stones and then working with a jeweller to create unique designs.

Given that background, it isn’t a wonder that whenever I can, I like getting things custom-made. Dresses and pants tend to fit better when they are cut and sewn with your body in mind, and jewellery tends to reflect your personality more.

A dear friend of mine is a jeweller, and having always been a fan of her work, I decided to get something custom-made. Now it may sound dumb or frivolous, but I’ve always wanted a “princess necklace” so that’s what I asked her to make. The end result was so amazing that I just had to write about it!

Smoky Topaz surrounded by Tanzanite and smoky topaz. White topazes dot the chain.      The piece is set in 92.5 silver dipped in gold.

A closer look at the pendant.

When I asked Aziza to make me this necklace, I knew she was going to do a good job. Having bought earrings and a cocktail ring from her in the past (see photos below), I had no doubt this necklace would come out beautiful. I just didn’t realise how pretty it was going to be!! Unfortunately it doesn’t quite go with the earrings and ring I bought before. Hmm… guess I’ll have to get something made to go with it. :p

The Lemon Tart cocktail ring. A large citrine surrounded by smoky topazes, aquamarines, white topazes, amethysts, and pink sapphires.

White topaz, citrine, smoky topaz, peridot, aquamarines, pink sapphires, and amethysts set on gold discs.

To view more of Aziza’s stuff, check out The Aziza Collection on Facebook.


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