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About a month or so ago, it became part of my job to “go out more.”   As I am supposed to “curate” the magazine’s content, knowing what is happening “out there” is now part of my job.  And the only way to know what is happening is to get out there.

So I decided to try and dedicate Thursdays to doing something different, and in the process of doing so, meet new people–I hope!


Yesterday, after deeming my #OOTD worth Instagram space and finishing up a few things, I headed over to the Cultural Center of the Philippines and attended the ‘Virgin Labfest,’ which is basically a week0long festival of staging new plays.  Each play is performed just once and so theatre goers have to choose wisely.  My only day for this being Thursday, I had no choice.

Check out my Instagram video of the Virgin Labfest here: http://instagram.com/p/bVpyBFkOK9/


The play I watched was called Pramoedya.  It followed two stories, that of an old Indonesian writer whose controversial works landed him in prison, and that of the story he’d written while in prison.  The stories touched on the themes of colonialism, dictatorships  communism, and freedom of the press; things that many Filipinos can relate to and/or remember, whether the memories are from school lessons or from having lived through that period in history.

Overall, I would say that it was a good story, although there are many stories similar to it.  I suppose that’s what happens when you write and stage something real, something that really happened.  You end up with an audience of “I heard of this other incident…” and “The uncle of so-and-so actually had to…”  And I suppose that was part of the point.  It wasn’t about writing a fantastic story or telling it fantastically well, but it was about making sure it was told.  As I tweeted after the play: “If you have a story inside you, write it, tell it, just get it out there.”


Following the play, I lingered around the CCP a little, then I headed out to watch Despicable Me 2.  (Hey, it was kind of a heavy play and I needed a few laughs.)  Like many sequels, this movie wasn’t as good as the first, but it was definitely still a cute movie.  Those minions just steal the show.

As I sat down to dinner at one of my favourite Japanese restaurants, Kai, I realised that between the play, the movie, the car rides, and eating, I spent most of the day sitting, which I know–from having written an article about it–is not very good for my body.  I am trying to take comfort in the fact that it was ‘curated sitting,’ but I think I will still definitely go for a run later.

P.S. So the whole “blogging later” thing didn’t work out.  It seems that if my Wednesdays and Thursdays are full days, I am going to have to blog the next day… Oh well.


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