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deli day

Delis are little pieces of heaven on earth.  I think I could live in a deli.  I probably could never own one though, cause I’d eat through my inventory and not make any money.



Pinot noir, Italian ham, Hungarian sausage, Appenzeller, Triffle noir, Crackers, Joyce’s Dulong, and Joyce’s Portobello mushroom dip.



One of the things I love about delis is that they give you “better” instant food.  Not just better health-wise, but usually yummier too. (Not a fan of instant ramen.)  From cheeses, crackers, and cured meats to smoked seafood and pickled vegetables, almost everything you buy at a deli can be eaten right there or taken home to be eaten almost as soon as it is unwrapped.

Yesterday was a deli day for my friends and I.  We raided Santis and not only bought the usual good stuff, but bought some of their marinated meats as well.  It was delicious.  Maybe not the healthiest, but definitely the best type of instant food around!

Since deli food isn’t exactly the healthiest, I did make an effort to try and be healthy and follow my diet a little.  I had fruit cups for breakfast and a vegetarian burrito for lunch from Edgy Veggy! (See my featured image for the burrito.)




Fruit cups and muffins served at co.lab for the first session of Collaborations.


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