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a soundtrack to my life (January 20-26, 2014)

So according to Tom Hiddleston…   It’s the “wearing your heart on your sleeve” part that gets you. More and more, people seem to be more comfortable with not letting … Continue reading

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do what you say you’ll do

When I was younger–though I can’t say I remember how old or young I was–both my parents spoke to me about the importance of keeping your word.  If you say … Continue reading

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a soundtrack to my life (January 13-19, 2014)

It’s week three and I am liking this personal project more and more.  It’s making me realise how fluid life is or can be.  I am enjoying how it chronicles … Continue reading

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what do you call food?

I have always been very specific about food.  When I am hungry, I say “I am hungry.”  When I know what I want to eat, I say “I am craving … Continue reading

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packing a suitcase, packing a life

Today was the day I set aside to pack most of my things for my upcoming move to NYC.  As I started to put the first few things in my … Continue reading

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a soundtrack to my life (January 6-12, 2014)

One week into my attempt to chronicle the songs that define my day or stay with me through a day, and I am already breaking the rules.  I thought I’d … Continue reading

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a culture of torture (part one)

This entry isn’t passing judgment, nor is it generalising as I am sure there are many Filipinos out there with different mindsets.  This is just a personal observation. — Filipinos … Continue reading

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on hangovers, great and small

According to a friend of mine, about 15% of the world’s population does not suffer from hangovers.  I have not found any scientific evidence that supports this claim–although I admittedly … Continue reading

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a soundtrack to my life

I love music.  Many people do, but I have always felt like I love music a little differently from my friends.  I listen to songs in search for beauty.  I … Continue reading

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