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According to a friend of mine, about 15% of the world’s population does not suffer from hangovers.  I have not found any scientific evidence that supports this claim–although I admittedly did not spend much time looking.  I like to say I never suffer from hangovers. (I use the words ‘I like’ because there have been one or two questionable mornings.)  And I know what you’re thinking.  Something along the lines of “you don’t drink enough,” right?  Well, as a friend of mine likes to say, quantities can be debated.

The point of today’s entry though, is not about alcoholic hangovers and how much you have to drink in order to achieve one. (Why would anyone want to achieve one?)  Today’s entry is about the types of hangovers out there.  Let’s enumerate:


1) Alcoholic Hangover

These can be great and small.  It all depends on how much you drink.  I’ve seen someone go through a two day hangover–after two and half bottles of scotch, which, considering the amount he drank, is quite impressive… I think.  I’ve seen people go through mini-hangovers–just a small headache.  Everyone is familiar with this kind of hangover.

Remedy: A lot of water. Or Bloody Marys.


2) Moral Hangover

This often comes with the alcoholic hangover.  It’s knowing you did something you probably shouldn’t have done or probably wouldn’t have done if you were in the right state of mind.  It often lasts longer than the alcoholic hangover, and due to this fact, it is often a much greater hangover than its boozy brother.  The problem with the moral hangover is that it also has the ability to come back waaaay after the event and other hangovers wear off.

Remedy: Apologising/making amends. (If you can.)


3) Relationship Hangover

Often felt by those coming out of long relationships, the relationship hangover is sneaky.  It creeps up on you after the initial sadness–or relief–has passed.  And like the moral hangover, it can come more than once.  Like a moral hangover, it can sneak up on you when you least expect it; when you see something that reminds you of the person, when you realise that certain things are no longer available or an option to you, when you just want someone who understands you to sit and talk with you or not talk at all because they already get it.

As far as hangovers go, it is in my opinion that relationship hangovers are the worst because they can cause you to do stupid things, things you think may be a good ideas but really aren’t. (To be expounded on in another blog entry.)

Remedy: Time.


4) Vacation Hangover

As far as hangovers go, this one is pretty small, and yet it is the one that gave me the idea to write this entry.  I am currently suffering from a vacation hangover.  After having spent a week in the beach, I am not yet adjusting to city life and work-mode.  Perhaps because I am also just waiting to leave again and start a new chapter of my life–excited to blog about that soon!–and so my mind is elsewhere.  That and the fact that I was in the city for only five days before heading out again for six, I am quite hungover.

Remedy: Stay in the city.


These are the four types of hangovers I am aware of.  If anyone else has had experience with any other types of hangovers and their remedies, please let me know.


what do you think? :)

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