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a soundtrack to my life (January 6-12, 2014)

One week into my attempt to chronicle the songs that define my day or stay with me through a day, and I am already breaking the rules.  I thought I’d be able to pick out on song for each day of the week.  This past week proved that wrong.

Oh well.. here is my week in music…


January 6, 2014

Urbandub – First of Summer

Best Line/s: “Drive me away cuz the night just feels right/ Take me away with you tonight. Anywhere with you.”

The first weekend of January felt like such a throwback to high school.  The partying, the unexpected he-said she-said drama, the resolutions, and long walks home.  It felt like I was a teenager again, just trying to sort things out for the first time.  Not an entirely unwelcome feeling, to be honest.  And I felt like this song was the best one to go with it.

Spring Awakening – My Junk

Best Line/s: “I go up to my room, turn the stereo on…/ Shoot up some you, and the you is some song.”

Perhaps my favourite song from the musical, My Junk sort of set the tone for the rest of the week.  It even dictated the week’s theme for my Graphic Message of the Day on Instagram, and it inspired the ‘culture of torture’ post that I published just a couple of days ago.  Quite fitting for it to be stuck in my head, really, as nothing says ‘high school’ quite like unrequited love.


January 7, 2014

Backstreet Boys – Quit Playing Games With My Heart

Best Line/s: “Quit playing GAAAAAMES!!”

Two friends and I decided to let off some stress on Tuesday night with a bit of wine, cheese, and karaoke.  Unexpectedly continuing the high school theme, one of my friends sang this, and it was the song of the night!


Spring Awakening – Touch Me

Best Line/s: NA

Since I found myself listening to Spring Awakening the past couple of days, I woke up on Tuesday with this not-so-PG number stuck in my head.  And there it stayed!


January 8, 2014

Kings of Convenience – Boat Behind

Best Line/s: “River and sea, picking up salt/ Through the air there’s a fluffly cloud falling down as rain”

I left the city early in the morning to spend a night at Lake Caliraya.  Spent most of the day kayaking, paddle boarding, and just lounging the warmth of the sun—something I am going to miss when I head off to New York’s wintry streets.  The lazy day reminded me of this Kings of Convenience hit.

Bon Iver – I Can’t Make You Love Me

Best Line/s: “Morning will come and I’ll do what’s right/ Just give me til then to give up this fight/ And I will give up this fight.”

By evening, the Sipat Lawin planning session began and I was forced to slowly work on my performance for LoveNOT, the upcoming production of the theatre company.  I started by taking the Languages of Love test and by writing the draft to my post on unrequited love.  As a result, I ended up playing Bon Iver’s version of Bonnie Raitt’s classic 80s love song on loop.


January 9, 2014

The Wombats – Your Body is a Weapon

Best Line/s: “And I don’t come here for the exclusivity
I just come here for the view
And the minuscule chance of some close proximity
Or an awkward conversation with you.”

There are plenty of days when you just need a song you can either rock out to or dance to.  On this Thursday, it was all about this song.  It’s also the last unrequited song of the week!

A New Brain – Time & Time & Music

Best Line/s: “So on this new day, let’s begin from scratch. The pleasure’s mine. I give you time.”

FINALLY!  A change in musical!  Facing a friend who needed advice, I found myself turning to William Finn’s lyrics.  Time and the follow up song Time & Music are my favourite songs from this off-Broadway production.  Time, patience, and the act of waiting are some of the best things you can do for a loved one; so with this song came the change of week’s musical theme. (No more unrequited love!)


January 10, 2014

Stevie Wonder – Overjoyed

Best Line/s: “For in romance, all true love needs is a chance.”

After landing in Davao mid-morning of Friday, I was reminded by how Filipinos really love love songs.  This oldie but goodie was the first song that played after I got into the car.  It seemed fitting as I flew to this southern city in order to attend a wedding.


January 11, 2014

Human League – Electric Dreams

Best Line/s: “Sometimes it’s hard to recognise/ Love comes as a surprise.”

The song chosen by the bride and groom for their first dance, it was one of the songs of the evening.

Meatloaf – I Would Do Anything for Love

Best Line/s: “Maybe I’m lonely and that’s all I’m qualified to be. There’s just one and only, the one and only promise I can keep”

As I said on both Facebook and Twitter, you gotta love a wedding band that kicks off its set with this song, and to choose to play the longer version too!  The 80s cover band that played at the wedding totally rocked every song they played, and I don’t know a single guest who wasn’t up and dancing!


January 12, 2014

Michael Jackson – Rock With You

Best Line/s: “And When The Groove Is Dead And Gone (Yeah)
You Know That Love Survives
So We Can Rock Forever, On”

When I woke up, sans any form of hangover, I realized that this was the “missing song” of the evening.  In all the dancing I did, I didn’t get to dance to this one because it never played!  So I made up for it by playing this one several times throughout the day.


This week was love-song heavy.  Let’s see what happens this coming week!



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