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a soundtrack to my life (February 3-9, 2014)

Love songs.  Love songs.  Love songs.  Everyday it’s a love song.

Maybe it’s because Valentine’s Day is coming up, or maybe it’s because I’m a hopeless romantic, but this past week was just one love song after another, and mostly hopeless love songs too.  So because of that, I am posting a graphic message from the week that I had unrequited love as the theme of my ‘Graphic Message of the Day‘ on Instagram.



February 3, 2014: Sara Bareilles – Gravity

Best Line/s: “But you touch me for a little while and all my fragile strength is gone.”

There are some people in this world that–and Brokeback Mountain said it best–you just can’t quit.   It’s true.  They have a way of pulling you in again and again, a way of breaking down your walls and barriers.  It can be a good thing, but it’s usually a not-so-healthy thing.

Despite it’s root in sadness and pain, Gravity is an absolutely beautiful song.  It might very well be my favourite Sara Bareilles song and it was with me all of Monday, becoming strangely–maybe it was self-fulfilling–apropos on Monday evening when a long talk with a friend after my yoga class left me decided on a matter I’d been pondering over.


February 4, 2014: Ed Sheeran – Give Me Love

Best Line/s:  “Tonight I’ll call ya, after my blood is drowning in alcohol…”

The first thing I’d like to say is that Ed Sheeran’s debut album, +, was a stellar first album.  Just about every song speaks to the heart.  The first song I heard off his album was this one, and like most excellent songs, every single line could be the best line depending on your mood.  (Maybe we should call it ‘lyric of the moment’ instead.)  My chosen best line is the one that I have really always liked.

What I have also always liked about this song is that, in my opinion, it could be used for an old-fashioned ballroom dance.  Sure, the lyrics and guitar may not be traditional, but there is something in the beat and the way the bass thumps that just gives itself to dramatic dance moves.


February 5, 2014

Adele – Someone Like You

Best Line/s: “You know how the time flies  / Only yesterday was the time of our lives  / We were born and raised  / In a summer haze  / Bound by the surprise of our glory days.”

By the time Adele was played for the third time on my Wednesday morning, I realised my week was following an all-too-familiar theme.  Instead of rolling my eyes at how the radio stations were currently behaving, I decided to study the lyrics of this song a bit more, as I paid little attention before.  That is what led me to my chosen best line.  What a beautiful line it is; such a poetic way of reminding us not to take things and people for granted.

Just on a side note (or side question), if all these love songs are being played on the radio to promote Valentine’s Day, shouldn’t they play happier love songs?


The Pretty Reckless – Islands/Love the Way You Lie

Best Line/s: NA

Who knew Cindy Lou Hoo and/or Jenny Humphrey had this voice in her?  I love The XX, and I really love what The Pretty Reckless did with Islands.  It gave the song an interesting twist.  Every time I find myself on a sad/hopeless love song trip, I play this song at some point.  And since Adele is just too sad to listen to all day, I turn to this band to add a little attitude to my day.


February 6, 2014: Taylor Swift – I Almost Do

Best Line/s: “I bet it never, ever occurred to you that I can’t say hello to you and risk another goodbye.”

This is unexpected.  I never thought Taylor would make it to one of my soundtracks, but here she is.  What I love about this song is that it has a very country-music feel to it.  Maybe not so much in how the music is composed, but definitely in how the lyrics are written.  And since we’re following a theme here, I thought, why not?  My chosen favourite lines were chosen because sometimes people need to be reminded that when they’re being ignored, it’s not because the other person wants to hurt you.

The song was brought to my attention by someone whose behaviour just matches the lyrics perfectly.  Hoping the best for this friend.

*It seems no official video was ever made, so I was forced to choose a lyric video.


February 7, 2014: The Cranberries – Linger

Best Line/s: “But I’m in so deep. You know I’m such a fool for you. You got me wrapped around your finger…”

One of the first songs I learned to play in full on the guitar, Linger will always have a special place in my heart.  As what usually happens when I chance upon this song on the radio, I end up singing it all day and playing it on the guitar at night.  And right in line with our sad song theme, that chosen best line is pretty much another way of getting Sara Bareilles’ message across.


February 8, 2014:  Air Supply – All Out of Love & Lost in Love

Air Supply has been following me around all week, and by that I mean their songs seem to be playing everywhere.  This was especially true on Saturday.  I’m kind of a sucker for sappy rock songs from this era, so adding two Air Supply songs to this week’s soundtrack


February 9, 2014:  All-4-One –  I Swear

Best Line/s: “I’ll build your dreams with these two hands.”

On Sunday, it was my second day to work as a florist’s assistant, a job I only have for this week and literally stumbled over.  (More details in an entry later this week.)  She (the florist) had been playing love songs all weekend, and today this was the song that stuck.  It is so wonderfully 90s.  Just check out that chosen best line!


Valentine’s Day is at the end of the week.  Given the way things (songs) have been going the past three weeks, I am kind of afraid of what songs will make it to this coming week’s soundtrack!  Crossing my fingers that Anteros steps in and turns the tide!


what do you think? :)

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