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a soundtrack to my life (February 10-16, 2014)

The past week was looooooove week.  There was absolutely no escaping it.  I don’t think I’ve been anywhere else where Valentine’s Day was such a big thing.  Or maybe it was because I was working for a florist.  It shouldn’t be a surprise then that since I was surrounded by love songs, my soundtrack continues to be all love songs.  I expect that to change, though, as the tone of this week is starting out differently (as based on yesterday’s song of choice), so for the meantime, here is the last of the cheese…


February 10, 2014: Guillemots – Made Up Love Song #43

Best Line/s: “I love you through sparks and shining dragons, I do / And the symmetry in your northern grin.”

First, I really like this band.  Second, I really like the lyrics.  Third, I appreciate the obscure love song, the one that can mean different things to different people.  Not only does it remind me of great poetry, but it also reminds me of great conversations.  This song can start some wonderful conversations, especially when discussed at length and with the right person.


February 11, 2014

Earl Limjoco – She Was Never Mine

SoundCloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/earllimjocomusic

Best Line/s: “Nothing seems to work to get you off my mind.  Now it’s getting worse.”


Rya – Morning After

Best Line/s: NA (Listen to the sax instead!)

Starting to miss home, I went through some of the band names I took note of on one of my last nights out in Manila.  Indie artist gems, Earl Limjoco and Rya Petines, who I heard play at Route 196, are two that I took note of and the two that stuck out the most when I had another listen online.  Playing their songs made me a little homesick, but it also comforted me a little.

Our local talent really amazes me.  Earl and Rya’s music made me decide to try and include at least one Filipino artist on this list each week.  If they don’t make it to the soundtrack naturally, then at least as a special showcase at the end.


February 12, 2014: David Foster – When I Fall in Love

Best Line/s: “Too many moonlight kisses seem to cool in the warmth of the sun / When I give my heart it will be completely…”

On Wednesday, we (and by we I am just lending my solidarity to a decision I had no say in) played every David Foster song on the planet.  And maybe it was because of Sleepless in Seattle or because I love the Nat King Cole version of this song, but this is the one I found myself humming long after the day ended.


February 13, 2014: The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Best Line/s: “If a ten ton truck kills the both of us, to die by your side, well the pleasure the privilege is mine.”

My favourite song by The Smiths.  An unconventional love song, but a completely romantic one.  I think my chosen line says it all.  Who would you be honoured to be with at the very end?  Isn’t that answer the answer to all your questions?


February 14, 2014: Slow Hello – You Know It’s You

Best Line/s: “You know it’s you these words talk to…”

This song has actually made it to my soundtrack before.  BUT this time, there is a video.  Very proud of the band for having made this video, and of the production team that made it.  (Yes, this is a shameless plug.)


February 15, 2014: Jeff Buckley – Lilac Wine

Best Line/s: “I made wine from the lilac tree / Put my heart in its recipe / It makes me see what I want to see and be what I want to be…”

To me, Jeff Buckley is the king of tragic love songs.  This one is one of many, and as beautiful as most.  While others may have different interpretations, I see Lilac Wine as a tribute to the delusion of either hopeless infatuation or lost love.  It was perfect for the long Saturday drive I took as it is the kind of love song that just lends itself to contemplation and being silent.

Below you will find Miley Cyrus’ cover of the song, which I really enjoyed.



February 16, 2014: Kings of Leon – California Waiting

Best Line/s: “By givin’ in, what am I givin’ up / Am I losin’ way too much?”

Sunday’s song.  While California’s weather can’t be beat, the lines of this song do remind me of Mary Schmich’s advice to leave California before it makes you too soft.  While I doubt I’ll ever be in California long enough for that to happen, I do wonder about the different comforts I consistently enjoy and how this might be affecting my goals.  As someone recently told me, you need to put yourself in a bad situation to really give yourself perspective, to test your limits and see how you weather the storm.  Hence the chosen lines.  They’re a reminder not to give in too much.


So that was my week in music.  🙂


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