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a soundtrack to my life (February 17-23, 2014)

It has been a week of exploring, making it a week dependent on radio listening, which is my favourite way of finding new music.  While not all these songs were heard on the radio, they are mostly new discoveries.  Enjoy!


February 17, 2014:  Michele DeBoer – Be My Light

Best Line/s: NA

Heard this song while watching the Camelot series, and it kind of stuck to me on this sleepy Monday while I was driving around and doing errands.


February 18, 2014:  Ingrid Michaelson – Can’t Help Falling in Love

Best Line/s: “Some things are meant to be.”

So because of ‘Be My Light,’ I started listening to other haunting tunes and ended up with what is currently my favourite version of this Elvis original.


February 19, 2014:  Bob Dylan – You Gonna Make Me Lonesome

Best Line/s: “But I’ll see you in the sky above, in the tall grass, in the ones I love…”

Miley Cyrus has surprisingly done it again.  She did a great cover of one of my old favourites.  Heard the original on the radio and when I typed it into YouTube, I found Miley’s.

Now here’s the original…


February 20, 2014:  The Thrills – Santa Cruz

Best Line/s: NA

Not a new discovery, BUT…three guesses for where I ended up on this Thursday drive.  And the first two don’t count.  😉


February 21, 2014:  She’s Only Sixteen – Nothing to Say

Best Line/s: NA

This week’s OPM pick.  This band has a Fratellis feel about them, and I like that they have a pretty consistent sound.  Other songs of theirs definitely worth checking out are: Dying to Meet You and Walrus.


February 22, 2014:  The Doors – L’America

Best Line/s: NA

On Saturday, we took another drive.  And on this never-ending drive around the Bay area, this song seemed appropriate.


February 23, 2014:  The Punch Brothers – Movement & Location

Best Line/s: “You can watch the tape, you can try to hit your spots…”

My favourite new find of the past couple weeks!  The Punch Brothers are so awesomely folksy.  I love almost every song by them, and their collaborations with Marcus Mumford.


I didn’t have a favourite line for each song this week.  It was mostly about the music and not too much about the lyrics.  I have a feeling the coming week might be the same, but let’s see!


what do you think? :)

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