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a soundtrack to my life (March 3-9, 2014)

No introduction this week.  Just straight to the music…


March 3, 2014:  Gene Wilder– Pure Imagination

Best Line/s: “Anything you want to, do it.  Want to change the world, there’s nothing to it.”

Still coming from having watched the Oscars on Sunday evening, I found myself humming this ___ classic.  I remember watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the Gene Wilder film) as a kid and memorizing this song because of the movie.  It’s one of those wonderful feel-good songs that are the perfect way to start the week, especially considering the fact that you’re in a new city and have much to explore.


March 4, 2014:  One Republic – Stars

Best Line/s: “I see this life like a swinging vine. Swing my heart across the line”

Because I was hearing it everywhere; in cabs, on TV, in restaurants, in stores, etc., this became the song of the day.  It actually is a pretty happy song and fun to dance around to!


March 5, 2014:  Soul Asylum– Runaway Train

Best Line/s: “Bought a ticket for a runaway train like a madman laughing at the rain, little out of touch, little insane…”

The perfect song to sum up last’s week main subject of not knowing whether or not you’re coming or going.  Perhaps this song being the song of the day reflects the remnants of that feeling of limbo.  Although I think this song can also be about chasing your dreams.


March 6, 2014:  Dean Martin – On an Evening in Roma

Best Line/s: “Don’t know what the country’s comin’ to, but in Rome, do what the Romans do…”

As the best line goes, “in Rome, do what the Romans do…” and I am finding that what the New Yorkers do isn’t bad either.  This city definitely knows how to celebrate the night. I am loving the uniqueness of each bar, pub, and club.  It’s definitely a challenge to one’s creativity.  It’s an inspiration as well.


March 7, 2014 – Crystal Fighters – Plage

Best Line/s: “Time is short. You know you live one life.”

Sometimes you just have an amazing day; when it seems like the streets were dusted with magic dust.  Days like that call for happy songs.  As I walked down 34th Street, on my way to a writing workshop, I looked at the buildings around me and just felt like everything was right with the world, like this city has so much to offer.


(Or this could just be the typical small-town-kid-moved-to-the-big-city feeling.)


March 8, 2014:   Joni Mitchell – I Wish I Had A River

Best Line/s: “I wish I had a river so long I could teach my feet to fly.”

Maybe it was because I was so tired from all the activity of the day (moving back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan), but at the end of Saturday, I was in the mood for something slow and kind of somber.  Joni Mitchell was perfect.


March 9, 2014:  Louis Armstrong – A Kiss to Build a Dream On

Best Line/s: “My imagination will feed my hungry heart…”

Again, I woke up with a song in my head.  And as I made my way on the Brooklyn Bridge, I realized that New York has it’s own brand of romance.  It’s definitely not storybook.  It’s a little rougher around the edges, a little grungier than what you’d expect romance to be, but there is magic here.


OPM Song of the Week:  Veronica – Three Weeks

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/veronicamusicmanila/3-weeks-teaser

One of the newer Filipino bands I had the pleasure of having met before leaving Manila, Veronica has a lot of quirky and cute songs that are relatable to anyone who has every loved or been un-loved.  This was my favourite song that she sang at the gig I attended.  Unfortunately it isn’t the full recording yet, but I recommend everyone watch out for it!

Oh, and Veronica?  It takes longer than three weeks. :p


what do you think? :)

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