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Last week, I found myself wandering down 86th street, between 2nd and 3rd avenue.  As I walked down the fairly quiet street, I found a sign that read: Clock Shop.


At first I thought: well, you can’t be mistaken about what they sell in there!  Stopping to look into the store window, I realised that the many of the clocks looked antique, and some of them were not ticking.  So I walked in.

As expected, I was instantly surrounded by clocks, clocks of all shapes and sizes.  Also as expected, I was greeted by an elderly gentleman. (Because really, who else would be running and attending to a clock shop?)

Staying a while, I soon learned that the man was a horologist—my word for the day that day—or someone who works on and repairs clocks.  He was very accommodating and answered all my questions about each clock I pointed out.  He even suggested I take pictures of the ones I liked, which I did.

The clock shop and my conversation with the gentleman have been on my mind this past week.  I keep thinking about it.  So today I thought to ask myself what I liked about it so much, and that led to personal reflection.


1)   I love things that are old and hidden.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam    This was the first thing I thought when I finally asked myself why I kept thinking of the clock shop.  I love that things in it were old.  And I love that it was kind of tucked away in the basement of a building.  Giving it more thought, I realised that the reason why I love old and hidden things is because there is an opportunity for unearthing a story in the discovery.

He was a bit of a historian, that horologist.  Each piece in his shop told a story; of a different time, of a different place, of a different way of living.  Each of those timepieces were gateways to a different time.  It was captivating.




“It must be so interesting to work with time and timepieces,” I said.

“Oh, I don’t work with time,” he said. “Time works with me.”



2)   I have always been fascinated by time.

Created with Nokia Smart CamWho was the first person that thought to take note of the time? (Someone in Egypt, apparently.)  Why did man persist to maintain time-keeping?  These are things I’ve always wondered, but never really bothered to look up.

And it occurs to me that this fascination with time must be one of the reasons why I love science fiction, since that genre always treats time a little differently.





3)   I am constantly documenting time, someway, somehow.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I have a personal journal, a travel journal, a blog, an Instagram account, a Twitter account, and a Facebook account.  While none of this is out of the ordinary for what we now consider to be a typical person, my reason for having the first four are one and the same: to document my life, my thoughts, my ideas, and my creative endevours.

I am constantly documenting.  In fact, I started a long time ago.  There is a stack, a very thick stack, of papers among my things that is made up of pages upon pages of quotes I like, poems I like, pictures that inspire me, articles I thought were worth saving, etc.  Why are these in one pile?  Because I started this collection when I was ten, before websites like tumblr. became popular.  I basically had tumblr. before tumblr. was ever invented.  I can’t recall when I stopped adding to the stack and just created a digital file and began adding to that.  Needless to say, if I ever do start a tumblr. account, there’s a good chance the website will crash with everything I have to upload.

That’s not the point, though.  The question soon became: why do I have this obsessive need to document?  And the answer brought me back to the reason why I am in New York in the first place.


It’s because I love stories.  And I love telling them.  That’s why I’m here; to learn how to tell stories better, to be a better storyteller, to get the most out of my stories while writing out my own



4)   Time is of the essence (and no, I don’t mean speed things up)

I mean it is essential to everything; to growing, to living, to loving, to understanding, and to stories.  The best stories—and perhaps the best people and relationships—are given time.  That’s something I need to keep reminding myself.  Maybe it’s something we can all remind ourselves.


what do you think? :)

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