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a soundtrack to my life (March 17-23, 2014)


Another soundtrack that’s coming in late.   This past week and a half I’ve had friends visiting from Manila and it’s been a challenge balancing my regular routine and playing tour guide.  Oh well.  Two days late on posting a soundtrack is better than never posting one at all.

The more I do this, the happier I am about why I am doing it.  Documenting my days through songs are a great way to remember what stood out in that day and why.  If, as Carson from Downton Abbey says, “life is about the acquisition of memories,” then I am am very happy to acquire memories this way.

Here is the week that was March17-23, 2014…


March 17, 2014:  NYC Bagpipes

Best Line/s: NA

St. Patrick’s Day in NYC was a blast!  Despite the sub-zero temperatures and the crowded streets my friends and I had the best time!  We cheered on the Jersey kids who came up to the city just to yell “IRISH” on the subway, we watched the parade, zigzagged our way to FAO Schwarz to play with the Big Piano, and had lots and lots of beer.  All the while, the bagpipes were playing the soundtrack to our day!


March 18, 2014:  The Beatles – Strawberry Fields

Best Line/s:  “Living is easy with your eyes closed.”

A stroll through Central Park plus purchasing an old fashioned crank-style music box that plays Here Comes the Sun ensured that The Beatles were the soundtrack to this day.  I picked Strawberry Fields though because that’s where our walk led us.  And trust NYC to have a busker there that plays only Beatles songs!



March 19, 2014:  Franki Valli & The Four Seasons – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Best Line/s:  “Pardon the way that I stare.  There’s nothing else to compare.  The sight of you leaves me weak, there are  no words left to speak…”

All through Wednesday I had Franki Valli playing in my head.  This is a direct effect of having watched Jersey Boys with my friends the night before.  It was my second time to see the Broadway musical, and I was just as blown away.  Actually, I think I really enjoyed it the second time around because I loved seeing my friends enjoy it.  Especially seeing them realise that they actually know all of Franki Valli’s songs, they just didn’t know it was him.

Gushing over the musical while having our our Crif Dogs and singing their songs through the streets of NYC is definitely one of my favourite memories this past March.


March 20, 2014:  Glenn Miller Orchestra – A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square

Best Line/s:  “The streets of town were paved with stars.”

One of my favourite songs of all time, I find A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square to be one of the most romantic songs ever written.  I’m not sure what it is about it, but I do love it.  Aaaand since it was played repeatedly during Sleep No More, it easily became the standout song of my Thursday.  It was the second highlight to my Thursday.  The first being that I watched Sleep No More again!


March 21, 2014:  Kings of Leon – Manhattan

Best Line/s: “We’re gonna show this town how to kiss these stars…”

The major activity for the day was to walk the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was a great day to do it too!  Not a cloud in the sky and almost warm weather.  Having just listened to another soundtrack I created–one where all the songs are about NYC or were written and performed by artists from New York–I got this one stuck in my head as I approached the island of Manhattan.


March 22, 2014:  Rent – Out Tonight

Best Line/s: “So let’s find a bar / So dark we forget who we are / Where all the scars / From the nevers and maybes die.”

What Saturday night in NYC would be complete without at least thinking about this song?  And since it was a night out, it was only fitting.  Even if we did just end up drinking at a dive bar.


March 23, 2014:  High Highs – Open Season

Best Line/s: NA

An over 60% chance of snow kept us home and watching Pitch Perfect on Sunday night.  Of the many songs sung, it was the one they didn’t sing that stayed with me as I drifted off to sleep.


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