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a soundtrack to my life (April 7-13, 2014)

Sometimes at the end of a week you look back and wonder, what did I do this past week? what did I achieve?

This past week I was struggling (still am!) to break a sort of creative block with one of my stories, and I did several things during the week to try and shake it off.  It led to a very interesting week.  Though I’m not quite sure I achieved much.

At least there’s music… 🙂


April 7, 2014:  Barbra Streisand – Put On Your Sunday Clothes (OST Hello Dolly)

Best Line/s: “Beneath your bowler brim the world’s a simple song…”

There are some Garfield Mondays when I feel blue and listen to this song to make myself feel better.  (I take the song’s advice too and I wear something nice!)  April 7th was not that kind of Monday.  I woke with this song in my head.  Which pretty much means I woke with a smile and that I felt like dancing.  I love this song and I love that it reminded me of all the things I am yet to do in New York.  It also made me incredibly excited to be living in New York.

Just because I want to mention it… Hello Dolly! is one of the first musical movies I remember watching with my dad.  I remember how he taught me the words to the song “Hello Dolly” and how he made a big deal out of Louis Armstrong being in the film.  This masterpiece was directed by Gene Kelly, one of my idols and dancer extraordinaire.  Twenty-one years later, it is one of my favourite musicals and its songs are frequently found on my Recently Played iTunes list.


April 8, 2014:  Bryan Adams – Straight from the Heart

Best Line/s:  “I could start dreamin’ but it never ends…”

Tuesday was a sappy day.  Well, I was trying to write something sappy and I thought it might do good to listen to some love songs.  So I went to my favourite sappy singer, Bryan Adams.  And whenever I listen to Bryan, this song gets stuck in my head. 🙂


April 9, 2014:  Pippin – Magic To Do

Best Line/s:  “Intrigue…. Plots to bring disaster / Humor…. Handled by a master / Romance…. Sex presented pastorally / Illusion…. Fantasy to study / Battles…. Barbarous and bloody / We’ve got magic to do…”

In an attempt to break through my creative block, I decided to go out and do something a bit different on Tuesday night.  I attended a theatre workshop.  It’s been a while since I went and learned a song and choreography.  It was really refreshing.  Especially because I learned a song I never heard before, and I had a lot of fun with it.  I was even inspired to sign up for more theatre. 🙂

Plus, the song is so apropos for anyone trying to write… I did have magic to do!


April 10, 2014:  Amy Winehouse – Love is a Losing Game

Best Line/s: “Though I battle blind / Love is a fate resigned… Over futile odds / And laughed at by the gods / And now the final frame / Love is a losing game…”

Whenever I listen to Amy Winehouse, even if she is grouped in with a bunch of other artists on a playlist, I usually end up remembering her song and getting whatever it was stuck in my head.  This song, one of my favourites, is beautiful and haunting, and she performs it so well.  It’s amazing how effortlessly she does it.

We lost a great one when we lost her.


April 11, 2014:  Morphine – Cure for Pain

Friday was a jazzy day for some reason.  Even though it was dedicated to doing a lot of errands and a lot of chores, it felt jazzy.


April 12, 2014:  Edith Piaf – La Vie En Rose

Best Line/s: “Je vois la vie en rose…”

Saturday was spent exploring and discovering (to be blogged about in my city. my new york.), and as I did, everything seemed rosy.  So I felt like Piaf was the perfect accompaniment to the beautiful spring day.


April 13, 2014:  Eva Cassidy – Songbird

I once again could not pick a best line.  Thoroughly beautiful songs, like this one, might not have them.  This is one of my favourite Sunday songs, especially when I find myself sitting quietly on a Sunday night, cup of tea in one hand and something wonderful to read in the other.


And that was the past week. 🙂


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