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A good portion of the time I spent in Europe went to visiting markets.  Having spent so much time in Spain, it isn’t a wonder that my favourite markets include La Boqueria in Barcelona, Mercado San Miguel in Madrid, and the local market in Alicante.  My time spent in Paris was almost dedicated to La Grand Èpicerie, as soon as I discovered it (about seven days into the summer), which isn’t exactly a market, but it suited my needs perfectly.  I feel like markets are a great way to discover the colour and personality of a city.  Very often markets are known for specific items, systems, and types of people, and that gives you a great cross section of your current city.

When I chose to move to New York, I knew I would be leaving markets behind, which was fine.  I was prepared to settle myself into a life of Jewish delis (there are really some fantastic ones) and Trader Joe’s.  And then I found Eataly.

Right next to the Flatiron Building on 5th Ave. & 23rd Street.

Eataly is right by the Flatiron Building on 5th Ave. & 23rd Street.

Similar to both La Boqueria and Mercado San Miguel, Eataly is rows and rows of of good food.  You can buy fresh produce, great quality meat, fish, cheese, bread, wine and just about anything you could ever want to stock your kitchen with.  Also like European markets, there are places to sit and eat, enjoy some wine or coffee, or grab some gelato to go.

The minute I stepped into Eataly, I knew I found a slice of heaven in New York City.

Like other markets around the world, Eataly is filled with stories.  Every item has come from somewhere specific, often somewhere special.  Every item has a history behind it, often its reason for being sold at the market.  Good food, stories, history, for the affogato alone, Eataly has definitely made it to my list of must-visit places in the city. 🙂


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